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Gustavo Munúa

  • He was born on January 27th, 1978, in Montevideo, Uruguay

  • He debuted as a goalkeeper in Nacional in 1997

  • He has won 5 Uruguayan championships

  • He has played for the Uruguayan national team

  • He debuted as a coach in Nacional in 2015

His beginnings

Gustavo begins to practice soccer in the youth squads of Nacional when he was 8 years old, fulfilling with his desire to play in the team of his dreams. His first goalkeeping coach was Darwin Dalmás. In 1994 and being 16 years old he is loaned to the Albion Football Club, a team from the third category of professional football in Uruguay, directed by Jorge Barrios. One year after, he returned to Nacional and made his debut in the First Professional Division with “the white jersey” in the Copa Libertadores in 1997.

Gustavo Munúa en Nacional 1994
Gustavo Munúa en selección sub 20 1997

Under-20 National Team

In 1997 he was also present in the Uruguayan U-20 National Team, being a starter in every game of the South American Cup of Chile and the World Cup of Malaysia, where he obtained the silver medal with the 'Skyblue Team'. The selected was directed by Victor Púa and some of his teammates were Alejandro Lembo, Marcelo Zalayeta, Nicolás Olivera and Fabian Carini, among others.

First Professional Division

In the oldest team of Uruguayan soccer, Munúa won the Uruguayan championships of 1998, 2000, both titles with Hugo of Leon as coach; 2001 and 2002 with Daniel Carreño as coach, and 2014/2015 with Álvaro Gutiérrez as coach. Gustavo played 9180 minutes and is the goalkeeper who holds the unbeaten fence record in Nacional with 963 minutes, record achieved in the opening championship of 2003, of which he became champion. His good technical qualities to hit the ball with the foot also took him to convert 3 goals.

Gustavo Munúa campeón uruguayo
Gustavo Munúa en Deportivo la Coruña

The jump to Europe

His excellent performance as goalkeeper of Nacional made many world-class clubs look forward to having him in their squad. In 2003 he emigrated to Real Club Deportivo La Coruña in which he played for 6 years. In this team he played with prominent players such as José Francisco Molina (Spanish), Mauro Silva (Brazilian), Walter Pandiani (Uruguayan), Lionel Scaloni (Argentinian), Juan Carlos Valerón (Spanish), Sebastián Abreu (Uruguayan), Fabricio Coloccini (Argentinian), Filipe Luis (Brazil), Sebastián Taborda (Uruguayan), Joan Capdevila (Spanish), Pedro Munitis (Spanish), Fabián Larry Estoyanoff (Uruguayan), Juan Andrés Guardado (Mexican) and Javier Irureta (Spanish coach)

From northwestern to southern Spain

In 2009, after closing his contract with Deportivo de la Coruña, he signed for Málaga CF for a season. In this club he played with Felipe Caicedo (Ecuatorian), Victor Obinna (Nigerian), Duda (Portuguese), among others. In the last game of the season 2009/10 the club played the permanence against Real Madrid. Gustavo had a magnificent afternoon and gave his team’s fans an immense joy after drawing 1-1. This result allowed Malaga to enjoy one more year in First Division. After a good season in which he played all the games of the league, he packed his bags and went to another club of the Spanish League.

Gustavo Munúa en Málaga
Gustavo Munúa en Levante

Ciutat Valenciana

On August 6th, 2010, he signed for the UD Levante from the 2010/11 season until the 2012/2013 season. He settled as the starting goalkeeper of the team, and collaborated with notable importance in the great campaign of the 2011/12 season, in which they would become the revelation team, obtaining the classification for the Europa League. Gustavo was partnered with the Costa Rican Keylor Navas, compatriots like Christian Stuani and Ignacio González, again teammate of Felipe Caicedo, the Ivorian Arouna Koné, and the Nigerian Obafemi Martins, among others.

Italia - Firenze

On May 28th, 2013, his career in the UD Levante is finished and he signed by the A.C.F Fiorentina for the next two seasons. In this club he was a partner of high level players like Juan Guillermo Cuadrado (Colombian), Mario Gómez (German), David Pizarro (Chilean), Matías Fernández (Chilean), Borja Valero (Spanish), Massimo Ambrosini (Italian), Giuseppe Rossi (Italian), Juan Manuel Vargas (Peruvian) and Uruguayans Matías Vecino and Ruben Olivera. He was under the technical direction of Vincenzo Montella (Italian). This is how he acquired an unquestionable experience at international level after having played several seasons in Europe.

Gustavo Munúa en Fiorentina
Gustavo Munúa en selección uruguaya

National team

Gustavo made his debut against the Chilean national team in 1998, a ''farewell'' match in Santiago de Chile prior to the 1998 World Cup in France. The chosen opponent was Uruguay, led by Víctor Púa, who mixed experienced players with several of the Under-20 World Cup winners of the previous year in Malaysia. It was the only game disputed by the national team in that year, and was the debut of Gustavo Munúa in the goal of Uruguayan team.

He was the starting goalkeeper in the American Cup of 2001 in Colombia (Uruguay finished in 4th position). He played a match of the World Cup Qualifiers against Colombia in the Centenary Stadium, previous to the World Cup of Korea and Japan 2002, in which he took part of the sky blue team. For the following qualifiers prior to the 2006 World Cup Germany, Munúa was the starting goalkeeper under the technical direction of Juan Ramón Carrasco, playing several games.

The way back home

On January 12, 2014, his career at the A.C.F Fiorentina ended by his own choice, which meant his return to the Club Nacional de Football which raised him as a player, and saw him become a great player after 11 years in Europe. He was again Uruguayan champion in the season 2014/15 under the technical direction of Alvaro Gutierrez, having Gustavo as the new captain of the team.

Gustavo Munúa entrenador
Gustavo Munúa entrenador de Deportivo Fabril La Coruña

Technical Director

Gustavo hung the gloves and was chosen Technical Director of the Club Nacional de Football in the season 2015/16, and managed to place the club among the best ones of America in the Copa Libertadores 2016. Later he was technical director of Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito, which he directed until mid-2017. During the second half of this year, Munúa started his career as coach in Europe leading the Deportivo Fabril, the youth team of Deportivo La Coruña, in Spain.

Trophies obtained

Gustavo Munúa is 5 times Uruguayan champion with Nacional.
He also won an opening tournament and a pre-libertadores playoffs.
  • Trofeo de Campeonato Uruguayo Primera División de Uruguay
    1998 | Uruguayan First Division
  • Trofeo de Liguilla Pre-Libertadores
    1999 | Pre-Libertadores Playoffs
  • Trofeo de Campeonato Uruguayo Primera División de Uruguay
    2000 | Uruguayan First Division
  • Trofeo de Campeonato Uruguayo Primera División de Uruguay
    2001 | Uruguayan First Division
  • Trofeo de Campeonato Uruguayo Primera División de Uruguay
    2002 | Uruguayan First Division
  • Trofeo de Campeonato Apertura Primera División de Uruguay
    2014 | Uruguayan Opening Tournament
  • Trofeo de Campeonato Uruguayo Primera División de Uruguay
    2014/15 | Uruguayan First Division